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12.13.2012 , 11:46 AM | #344
I've found the following items need some help:

LAG - gotten worse since F2P and during OPS with 1 sec casts to interrupt its become VERY FRUSTRATING. Try to do Nightmare Pilgrim with 50+ on that Voss instance. Doesn't work very well, have to pray instance 2 is open. This is quickly becoming a game breaker for me and kinda less attractive to keep playing. Cut your instance head counts in HALF please.
CS - or lack of - repeat of many, but it could be either lack of staff or lack of process that lets them fix things. (Open up your free hand outs bucket and stop being cheap). "Innocent until proven guilty" is common concept in USA, but it's just reverse when trying to get missing things replaced or corrected.
COST - its obvious you are testing the waters on "Pay for Content" even for SUB's. We are not stupid and have noticed this via 1.6 as well comments during interviews. I personally think you are reaching into SUB's pockets a little TOO much and apparently plan to continue to do that. Be CAUTIOUS here, your PR already sucks with many SUB's (Those still left). How about some "Cartel Coin DISCOUNTS for SUBS?" like 10% off across the board or Cartel coins at the end of the month like Discover Card cash back?
- Canthar = Cartel Coins I'm sure is going to happen (bad idea, but I can see why).
- Makeb = Cartel Coins is VERY BAD IDEA. That to me is a slap in the face to SUB's that have been faithful in sticking around. Those you didn't lose in 1.6 will most likely bail if that happens.
- Space ship upgrades = Cartel Coins (A lot of them or $$) I thought was also a slap in the face and I won't be buying them. Even making them or buying have crazy materials and costs. You can't play the new ones w/o dying very quickly, so that's a little overboard.
- SSSP = Cartel Coins (Understandable, but could be argued Sub's get for free). Personally, if it's WAY Better and practically a new game then it should have some feedback from the masses and not just the bean counters. If the prices are worst than the Grade 7 Gear then I'll have to pass on that one as well.
- Life in Day = Cartel Coins and "Limited Time" was a complete fail 100% by you guys. WOW, you looked really bad on that and showed everyone it's no longer about having fun or the game, but pure profit. If they had been like 1/4 the cost I might have thrown in a few coins for the silly Holiday stuff, but no way am I'm burning 4-5 months of coins or $15 real money for that crap that should have been an Event.
Schematics - How about moving them to BIND on LEGACY. I've a ton from OPS that just get sold at the vendor and a waste. Why in the world would you make Tionese Schematics craft a BOP item? Silly.
Account wide ACCOUNTS - bank would be a great change and make a LOT of people happy. Followed by a Cargo Bay that is shared. (Those both would be great Cartel Coin purchase items - That has value in my mind)
Reference Link: Why bother? Folks dropping sub's like flys lately.
WTB Legacy Bound Ear, Implants, Relics

Suggestions to Bioware: Release "REAL" Sub rewards list.