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I came back to SWTOR a month ago just to find that my rotation has been jacked up due to the range decrease. It's cool that we get both Plastique and Sticky Grenade now, but I have yet to find the right rotation now. Should I just throw out the Plastique and get the third Focus Impact that penetrates 60% armor, or use it for more burst?

Also, what are people finding as the better rotation for the most damage with Assault Spec? I usually go with Sticky, Incendiary Round, HIB, Plastique, Ion Pulse or Stockstrike, and HIB again. If you got a better one, help a brother out.


IR, Sticky, AP, HIB - With this the burst is insane your HIB is landing just as sticky and AP blow then ss when up HIB when up otherwise be spamming IP like a mofo. I also weave taunts in on the high damage dealers whenever they are up.

Your way you AP isnt going off until a few seconds between your initial burst which allows time to pop a medpack.

The only time I don't put both on is if it is a marauder I find just popping sticky on straight away get them to pop force camo to remove it this leaves you AP and HIB for when they pop back out.

I try and play in that 4-10m range rather than 30m range I just find it more fun and stops smashers from leaping on you.

You don't need the 3rd focus it's of virtually zero use.

with all 3 and the 2 your already talented you would have 90% AP which is imposible I believe the actual cap is around 70-75% and you get 70% from just the 2 + the 30% in the Asault tree.
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