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What percentage of people complaining that the space gear is P2W have actually beaten all the new space missions? 'Cause I know I can't. Some of those missions are HARD (though I'm handicapped by the fact that I run SWTOR windowed in a multi-monitor setup. That means it's not uncommon for me to accidentally click on another monitor, only for my ship to then fly into an asteroid... I really should start turning off windowed mode for space missions....). I think I tried 4 of 'em and beat maybe 1. One mission I was blown away so quick that I just stopped doing the space missions altogether for a while....

To reignite the semantic debate: Isn't it P2W only if they put out a tier of gear which is only available for $$$? If there was a new ultra-top-tier of PvP gear which was only available on the Cartel Market.... THAT would be P2W, because it puts non-paying players at a disadvantage that no amount of work grinding or luck with drops with ever compensate for.

With the space missions, however, you can buy every one of the items on the GTN for amounts that a lot of the "grinding is part of the game, and I like it" people have sitting around in their accounts anyway.

It's those of us who HATE grinding (and are therefore usually poor in game) who will buy it from the Cartel. I LOVE this, frankly. I'd love it if they let me buy campaign or dread guard gear for my newer 50's, cause otherwise I'm not gonna do very much with them until we have new story content (there's no way I'm gonna do the end-game gear grind with more than one toon. The very idea just bores me to tears. Those of you who space through the dialogue so you can get to the end-game gear grind faster, grind away. Just count me out.). Be nice, however, to pay a bit of money so that I can try out tanking in a new op (my best-geared toon is DPS).

What I'd always reject, however, would be if they introduced a new tier that's slightly better than dread guard and made it Cartel-only. The kids who can barely afford their subscriptions but who do all their ops on multiple toons every week should always have the ability to have the top gear. I just never liked that this also means that old-fogeys like me with kids and work often end up not seeing the content that we payed for (heck, my guild in WoW sucked so bad that I never did a single Raid. Not one. I paid for all those big, plot-ending bosses in various expansions and I saw none of them. Scheduling was always too difficult, and our guild too small to compensate for this. So forgive me if I'm pretty skeptical when the guys who beat the raids/ops the week they came out and then complained about how there was "nothing to do" act like giving the rest of us a chance to see some content without an uber-grind is unfair. 'Cause for some of us, that's the only way we're gonna see it...)

My preference would actually be for the game to always have slightly better gear available for the grinders than for the payers, as long as the gear that you can buy is good enough to make making it through content at least feasible (for ops, meaning that you can at least do story mode, but Hard or Nightmare might be impossible). Even more ideal might be to give the paid-for gear a different game or something, so hardcore ops folks know that you didn't "earn" it; that just 'cause you have campaign you're still a noob.


All I know for sure is that I REALLY like how the Cartel market has made it easier for me to focus on lowbie alts without having to switch to a 50 every few levels in order to grind Black Hole or whatever for cash to buy speeder training, etc. Having done planets like Alderaan so many times, the ability to just throw a bit of my free coins at the market in order to get lvl 3 speeder training for a lvl 32 toon is pretty great. And I know there's zero chance I would have saved up the money for the rocket boots without them being on the market.... Going through corridors you've done 7 times before a little bit faster for the win.

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