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12.13.2012 , 09:52 AM | #12
Free Tionese isn't the problem.

The problem is the multiple ways the devs have shot crafting in the foot.

Let's start with the fact they never added patterns for Tionese / Columi / Rakata level items that could be crafted and sold to other players (save the very few items like Columi implants and such).

As subsequent content was released, more items of higher levels should have been made available to the crafting community and ultimately the player base. Then they would not need to hand out free Tionese to help fresh 50s in catching up with the gear curve.

Add to that the fact that players can grab drops or buy gear with unused commendations all the way up to current BIS stuff (63), rip the mods, drop it in legacy gear, and pass it to alts.

Thus the market for any gear outside the end-game BIS stuff is only for newer players as alts of longer term / active players players simply get hand-me-down and unused drops that far surpass anything a fresh 50 is able to acquire.

And while this may be unpopular with many, I feel anything that is bound, including the mods, should NOT be able to be passed to alts.

Imagine the end game crafting scene if all skills were able to make items up through Rakata level without jumping through too many hoops, and some Campaign gear with drops from Operations, and no one was able to instant gear their alts by passing bound gear mods through legacy gear.