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At 1st, it was fine for few hours. Then it started to go black once every hour 2-3 times. Now, it goes black after about 10min into it, tops. All standard procedures are done, reloading drivers and that kind of thing. Nothing helps. All other entertainment software, just as taxing or more so, on the system as SWTOR, i have installed, running as usual. That ever is the issue, it must have came with the latest patch, perhaps bad code...

Time of Incident : 12/12/12-12/13/12
Character name, class, level and server : Agrippina , guardian, 45 The Harbinger.
Area this occurred : First time in a flashpoint, then increasingly random from when on.
A detailed description of your issue : Refer above, no error message, just black screen.
Operating System : win7 64bit.
Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560.
Any troubleshooting steps attempted : Refer above.

DxDiag :

recommend you try the following from gigabyte

If you find the computer is turned on from cold and crashes are every few hrs then after a while they occur more and more often till you find they are happening every 10 minutes, this is a classic sign of overheating.
have you checked/cleaned all fans are working including the one on the video card.