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Semantics over the wording aside:

Oh wait.. what's this?
When posters on this forum use the phrase Pay-To-Win (P2W) they are referring to the purchase of in-game gear via real money. This purchase invalidates numerous hours of game-play (whether it be Space Missions now, or Dailies and Operations later) and instead allows an individual to attain high-level gear with zero in-game effort.

That is P2W.
But but.. you just said you'd put semantics over wording aside..

W-why did you then start to immediately talk about the semantics of the wording according to you and a group you claim to talk for namely "posters on this forum".

FYI, the meaning (or semantics ) of the word "Semantics" according to the dictionary in the spoiler below.

FYI, I do not agree with your suggested meaning of P2W. So let's really stop discussing the semantics now.. alright?
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