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It all really depends on how you play your characters as to how bad some of your companions are.
If your an evil D-bag who enjoys killing puppies for the evils then Vette isn't a very good companion and hates pretty much everything you do. I was an evil D-bad, who just happened to be civil to her, she's not in love with me but she'll stick by my side, besides, who needs Vette when you've got a crazy Jaesa. :P
I've had very little problems with my companions, the only one who really didn't mesh well with me was Xalek, my SI followed a code, while Xalek was pretty much a killer with dark side powers.
When it came to Skadge, I made it clear that I was the boss, he was the grunt, and it was my way or the airlock. I wasn't overly rude, I just told him how it was. I had very few problems with him, just stroke his ego when it needs stroked and backhand him when he needs backhanded.
Ashara-my guy started light, went dark, and turned light after he got her. They didn't always agree, but they got along pretty well.
Scourge-My guy was hardcore light, Scourge was dark, we were allies against the true threat. He didn't like my way of doing things, but he accepted them. He's got my back because he's got nowhere else to go.
I'm only starting an Agent, but Vector just seems a little too...creepy for me...although that could be because I hate Killiks with a deep seated hatred...
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