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12.13.2012 , 08:09 AM | #7
Lightning can be excellent in PvP, but because of lack of survivability and the requirement to sit there to stream out our damage any focusing on us will typically end with our deaths.

I really think crushing darkness should be instant right off the bat and paratism could either heal per our dots damage ticks or 3% and imp end tier talent would improve it alot to make us more squishy but pain if not focused.

But I would rather Crushing darkness be instant.

Thundering blast also needs to be instant and have some ability to give it more or a kick like a knockback. To be honest I was shocked to see this class which is supposed to be a force mastery one leave very little control and the ability to do some pain.

Instead we are just weak lightning turrets with weak dots forced to run with the pack inorder to survive.

1vs1 and we die to every class. I am in fully augmented battlemaster/warlord gear and can attest to this.

We get it much harder then mercs, cause they can dish out the damage and have abilities to help with survivability but lack the escapes.

We lack the escapes, damage and survivability to do any damage. Against a merc we die pretty fast. In short stick with the group and find a place where no one will find you and you will do fine. But that rarely happens cause as soon as your figured out they will focus on you.