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12.13.2012 , 07:26 AM | #528
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Not if it doesn't allow you to win.

We already have many people complaining that they still cannot successfully complete the new space missions even with a full set of Tier 7 gear, so how is it P2W when people are failing left and right? (sorry Jacen).

TBH, I have already agreed not to debate the definition of P2W. I understand your view on the term and you have every right to feel that way. I don't have a problem with it - I just happen not to agree with it. However, that still does not solve the problem of reaching a median that most of us can live with in game. If you cannot contribute to that point and at least try to make this a better thread and SWTOR a better game, then there's no further point debating with you.

In that case, I would like them to release full Dread Guard set on the Cartel Market because just having the gear does not automatically allow us to win in such instances as Hard Mode Terror From Beyond, Nightmare Explosive Conflict, etc.

Also I would like them to release full War Hero set on the Cartel Market too, because just having a team geared in full War Hero does not mean we will win a warzone.