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Yeah which means what I said:

That by your defination of P2W nothing is "P2W"; not selling top level raid gear, not selling top level PvP gear, nothing.

Fair enough, but that's an utterly ludicrous defintion that makes any reasoned debate impossible to have.
OK, just one more time because the real reason I am responding is below.

It my be ludicrous in your opinion, but that doesn't mean the facts do not bear it out. By definition of each word in the term P2W - you must pay money to win something correct? If you are not winning something in game, then how can any term with "win" in the use or definition be applied??
Again, this is by your own admission - you said we are not winning anything, therefore how can P2W be the correct term to apply to the condition. You need to create or find a new term that applies to the circumstances that occur. This is not my interpretation of the term, but the actual accepted definition of the word "Win" which I presumed from your comments that you agree with.

Quote: Originally Posted by Goretzu View Post
IThe problem is that it doesn't matter what you or I do, it matters what Bioware EA does (the company that put a P2W pet into WAR), and as it is already in and the problem already exists.

With the number of people that HAVE bought these mods Bioware EA accounts will deem them a huge "sucess" and so the game will plough on further along this road.
Here's the real point I thought was interesting and keeping in the spirit of Thelrage's post several pages ago. It indeed does matter what any game company does - they have the ultimate control. As several of use mentioned a few pages back, the direction the industry is taking is clearly more towards the F2P or Freemium route because the numbers prove that this has become a lucrative business model. Businesses are in the business to make money, therefore they will choose the path that gives them the best margin of profit.

If indeed the process of selling top tier gear in a cash shop pans out and provides enough of a profit to sustain a game, then why wouldn't the company take this route? We can debate the merits of doing so all we want, but if the numbers show that this is a sustainable model, then it's one the industry should take because it will be the one that keeps the industry funded and therefore able to continue to create new products. We can apply whatever term we want to it, we can hate it all we want, but just like the commercialization of Christmas, if it keeps a company in business, then it must be done, and should be done.

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