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I suspect we'll see just that sooner rather than later, but I disagree, that would be P2W.
I also said I understand that for many it would be considered such because that is the gear they are still playing for. Hence me saying that Columni is possibly the better option, if any.
This is also because they already give away Tionese for free in game now (which is similar to my debate concerning Battlemaster gear)

Indeed, so buy the definations of P2W being used by some, being able to buy top level OP gear wouldn't be P2W either, it would just be "saving you time" in gearing up directly to kill bosses that you already have bought the gear from.

There would be no "harm" in that, so that wouldn't be P2W either.
Those people I also do not agree with.

Honestly if you think selling PvP gear isn't P2W then I think we're just going to have to agree you and I have vastly different ideas of P2W.
As said: I'd only consider Battlemaster not P2W as the win you get from the Recruit Mk2 is minor in stats and the set bonus, that is everything. Also, the other option (ingame grind) gives you both better gear at this time (War Hero) as well as takes little effort.

But only in this specific situation is where I'd be okay with PVP items. Nothing more honestly. Personally, when it comes to PVP. I wish they just gave War Hero for free and let everyone play for Elite War Hero. Much more level playing field then!

The problem is that it doesn't matter what you or I do, it matters what Bioware EA does (the company that put a P2W pet into WAR), and as it is already in and the problem already exists.

With the number of people that HAVE bought these mods Bioware EA accounts will deem them a huge "sucess" and so the game will plough on further along this road.
That is a sad and true fact. But that doesn't mean I still won't buy these. I won't be a part of the cause of them deeming it a success.
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