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Of course it does, it allows you to completely avoid much of the gameplay that those that don't pay have to go through.

For example what would being able to by top level OP gear allow you to "win"? Nothing, because you'd already be able to buy anything you could get. Therefore that wouldn't be P2W?

Or even being able to buy the top level of PvP gear, again that wouldn't make you "win", it would just allow you to circumvent the grind to collect the best gear. So again therefore that wouldn't be P2W either?
By the definition of the term "Win" it would not by your own admission. One is not winning anything as you so point out. Therefore the term P2W cannot be applied because there is nothing to "win". Therefore you will have to come up with a new term that can be applied to cases like this.

Regardless, as I said in the previous post. If you want to help to contribute to the debate by attempting to find common ground and not just play the battle of semantics, then I welcome your input. Otherwise, have a great day!

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