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If being able to directly buy gear that aids you and allows you to avoid grind isn't P2W then nothing ever has been or ever will be P2W; it is that simples.
Not if it doesn't allow you to win.

We already have many people complaining that they still cannot successfully complete the new space missions even with a full set of Tier 7 gear, so how is it P2W when people are failing left and right? (sorry Jacen).

TBH, I have already agreed not to debate the definition of P2W. I understand your view on the term and you have every right to feel that way. I don't have a problem with it - I just happen not to agree with it. However, that still does not solve the problem of reaching a median that most of us can live with in game. If you cannot contribute to that point and at least try to make this a better thread and SWTOR a better game, then there's no further point debating with you.

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