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12.13.2012 , 05:31 AM | #139
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W T H Devs...

I just learnt 2 blue schematics today (green showing no more research) and none showing in my list???

To be clear - they did not appear and then dissappear... They simply DID NOT appear

This needs urgent addressing please

Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen
We appreciate your reports about this issue, and we are actively researching the problem.

If you are experiencing this issue, please post with the following information:
•What class are you? PT
•What is your crew skill? Cybertech
•What was the name(s) of the specific schematic(s) that you lost? Resolve Armour 19 Blue + Skill Armour 18 blue
Hmmm, this is quite different to the original bug in that your schematics aren't being deleted from the database after logging off, they're not appearing in the list at all. Now, just a shot in the dark so please don't yell at me for saying something obvious, but exactly what you are describing might occur if the filters on the crafting screen were set. Can you please double check the first of the two filters at the top of your Cybertech screen and make sure that the first dropdown filter is set to 'All' and NOT 'Premium'. Good luck.