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Yup it's absolutely astounding how many people will pretend P2W isn't what it is.
I still don't agree with your definition of it though ;-)

As I recall from all your posts concerning it. you feel paying to speed things up is already P2W, I do not.

As you may remember, my definition is basicly: P2W in a vertical progression game like TOR is basicly being able to buy the end reward of current max level endgame of a specific aspect of the game through money alone.

Currently: I feel for the Space Game (and only the Space Game) it means that this is P2W. For every other aspect, this game does not have any P2W aspects. Especially those that claim that buying grade 7 stuff allows you to get more Fleet Comms and Black Hole Comms more easilly and it is therefore Pay 2 Win surprise me so much.. This game already had more ways than most players have time to spend to get these materials. So really.. how does skipping 1 grind for the slight ease of another (because the missions are still hard with Grade 7 stuff) make it Pay2Win?
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