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12.13.2012 , 03:41 AM | #80
Guys this is Caedus vs Yoda. Have you watched the any jensaari vs' videos?

there it gives a rough estimate of yoda and sidious' master. Ask himfor sidious vs yoda to the death.

Caedus is stronger due to the raw force potential. And even if we just went with 'normal' Jacen Solo we would see some who's foce potential is greater than yoda's. If as Jacen he used Oneness against Yoda, he would win. After becoming a Sith Lord where he 'duel' both jaina and luke at the 'same' time. Now why don't you guys just argue about Caedus, Skywalker scion, vs Yoda, Grand Master.

If we had them battle at level both of them had when they were about to die, I would still give it to Caedus, mostly because Yoda was 900 years old.