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Is it wrong to think we are the best players in this game right now (those that can keep up with losmashers and PT/VG in damage and objective in warzones?) I mean, I know I normally come in top 3 in 90% of my Warzones. I am just curious what would happen if we decided to not be gods in this terrible class. I think we would crap on people on such a height they would think it was god sh*tting all over them.
Here's the thing. I can almost guarantee that my commando on almost any given warzone, in mostly unaugmented battlemaster modded rakata will outdamage my almost now full war hero, fully augmented shadow.

But my shadow is the one who can really contribute to wins. My shadow can pressure off nodes, solo guard nodes and stall long enough for reinforcements to arrive, throw out decent protection, pull people into the fire, run the ball if needed (not preferred) and just in general do all the little things that turn the tide in a warzone. My shadow can be a difference maker. My commando can get high damage numbers in a warzone my team could have won being a man down.

Damage means a lot, but it isn't everything.
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