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For the start - smash in PvP should be the single-target ability.

In reality - you should not expect too much from devs. They actually could do some nerfs to the smash spec. There will be a large article how the devs listen to the community and how after a huge research they tone down the damage of smash by 2%.

Because the goals for Eaware and community does not match. The community wants the fair game rules and relatively good class balance. And the Eaware wants newcomer casuals to enjoy the game. The newcomers in majority are picking the lore classes - JK or more likely SW. (wow! shiny glow sticks! and evil look!) So Eaware has made the gameplay of this two classes to be as much simple as it can be. You pick the JK/SW and start owning everyone! You feel great and proud of yourself! and eager to sub or buy CC....

Why there was an nerf to operatives in the first place? Because Operatives class while not being presented at the advertising cover was owning the classes that actually are at the adv cover!
Well its certanlly interesting, look what they did to sorcs (emperor) and i guess borking up that class had big backlash so now they are afraid to put marauders where they should be because most of bads play them (and thats most of playerbase along with assasins).

Anyway, they shown again and again they have absolutely NO clue what they are doing, PvP is in much worse state than it was at LAUNCH, and it will never be good becuase of their methods. Even in recent interview they said "we are satisfied with class balance" lolololololol, like they play certain other game and pretend its SWTOR rofl

But lot of us figured that back in january and their "balancing" in 1.2 that they dont actually balance classes but cater to bads (well even before that and operative debacle)

And of course legendary/mythical "team of operatives" lolololololol (i mean OFCOURSE you cant see them they have stealth AMIRITE!)