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12.20.2011 , 11:47 AM | #24
Orange gear can be kept viable the whole game, but doing so requires you be be purchasing lots of new mods as you level, whereas blue or purple gear would require only you to purchase new weapons/armor as you level.

At each stage, orange gear filled with purple mods should be about equivalent to purple gear. Purchasing 3-4 mods for each armor slot will likely be more work and more expensive than just finding a good single piece of armor for that slot, but you may find it worthwhile to have more flexibility and a stable appearance.

I expect the orange weapons/armor will also fetch higher prices on GTN, as it's usable for any level characters - for example a lv 25 purple blaster will likely cost you less than an orange blaster for you to fill with lv 25 mods, because a lv 50 player could buy the same orange blaster and fill it with his lv 50 mods.

Still, it's fairly early, so I'm curious to see how the economy shapes up...