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This has bin on my mind for some time.
And i like some other people's thoughts on the mather.

It seem to be that in the extended universe the force is becoming more like magic(resurection, everlasting life, possesion etc)
While all nicly explained it does seem to move more and more away from all-binding energie and becoming more plot magic.

For example: the sith emperor,
He is able to jump bodies, kill a entire planet to become inmortal(my theory is that he is still mortal just got alot of life energie from drianing a planet of life and it will take several thousend years for him to die, unless he feeds on more(lets say a entire galaxie)) able to mind control strong willed people at ease.

Now i dont know about you but that sounds alot like necromancy to me.

To me what makes the force alot more interesting then magic is that it HAD rules.

It wasnt able to break the laws of nature just bend them.
Example: A force user might be able to force jump on a clif or the second floor but never on a entire mountian/building(something jaden korr keeps doing)
Or only mind trick the weak willed(not strong willed people)
Or how darth nillus was able to "feed" on a entire world(again necromancy:blood magic) yet befor the extended universe we need thing's like the death star to blow up a entire world(let me put it very clearly darth nillus was able to kill millions of lifeforms(plants animels people) in a single force attack and he wasnt even that strong in comparision to many other sith).

Is it just me seeing thing's that arent there.
Or is the force becoming magic?
Darth Nihilus was arguably the strongest Force user in Galactic History, however, his greatest strength was also his biggest weakness; his Hunger... His lust for Dark Side energy was insatiable and, at times, he would go through a sort of 'withdrawal,' had he not fed on Force Users enough [which was why the Exile was able to destroy him, Nihilus was weakened from not having fed on enough Force Users]