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Chapter Two

The meeting with Darth Zhorrid, Darth Jadus' daughter was...strange, to say the least. She made the pair fight her guards in order to see if they were able to take care of her father's killers. She also mentioned that her father had many enemies, which made Khatria think that maybe it was a rivalry that got out of hand.

Kaliyo looked at Khatria when they got back to the ship and said, "You okay, Agent? You look pale."

"I am fine, just..," Khatria said, but was interrupted by another weird 'vision'


*Sneaking into the engine room*

"INTRUDER!" one of the engineers said, spotting her.

Khatria fought the imperials as wave after wave of soldiers came into engineering.

"Surrender, pirate, or we will kill you," one of the soldiers said as others surrounded the pirate.

Khatria surrendered, knowing that even with her combat enhancements, she would more than likely die. They locked her up.

An hour later, Khatria notices a Sith Lord walking up to her.

"Who are you?" She asked

"Do not worry about that," The sith lord stated.

He then proceeded to enter her mind.

"ARGH," She exclaimed, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

*End Memory*

She was complaining again. This time Kaliyo grabbed a syringe and injected the contents into the young cyborg's neck, knocking her out. Khatria woke up a couple hours later with a throbbing headache.

'What are these visions or whatever they are talking about' she thought to herself.

End of Chapter Two

Next chapter will be up if/when I can complete Balmorra. will edit chapter one as well.
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