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On another note, thank you for finally posting your stats. Now here's something rather funny: your stats are closer to Justcae's than they are to the high defense build that I've been arguing against! The truth of the matter is that it is laughable to debate at this length over such a difference. Of course, I had no idea since only you knew your stats. If you really get this bent about ~13% vs ~16% defense, then I fear for you. You are comparing two different amounts of defense (~15 vs ~16) that hadn't even been brought up in the thread. Were the voices in your head so bothersome to you that you had to start debating your own two numbers that hadn't even been discussed?

Your build is good. So is Justcae's. Did you somehow miss the fact that the high-defense AMR profile from earlier had 22% defense? That is what I find somewhat objectionable.
I used my lower stats gear to mimic what you use....My gear is fine I'm not worried about that
EDIT: Because that armor has more absorb/shield as I have modded it myself. /Sigh this guy is so ignorant

All you do is talk about how I don't understand. But obviously I put out the numbers you asked for. And you still act like a d*ck and try to put me down with personal attacks.

Regardless, anyone who could actually benefit from this, if you are sitting at 15/60/60, take more defense. The rest of these idiots are just trolling at this point
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