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Ordinarily I'm one of the first to jump on the bandwagon of not making cash-shop items necessary for victory in some part or another of games like this. Even in this case, I'd agree with you--if not for two facts about the grade 7 upgrades:

1. they are not exclusive to the cartel shop. Yes, you can use coins to shortcut your way to the upgrades, but they can still be gotten without spending real money if you're patient enough. If that's your definition of pay-to-win, fine, but it isn't mine, especially considering...
2. obtaining said upgrades by any means does not guarantee success at the new space missions, nor does going in without them guarantee failure. The TRUE best of the best pilots that these missions were aimed at (I'm most definitely NOT in this crowd) have reported victories using nothing above grade 6 upgrades (or very few grade 7s), while mediocre pilots (like myself) can use all grade 7 upgrades and still not complete a single mission for days on end. Victory in these missions requires extreme skill. If the skill is there, the grade 7s aren't needed; if the skill isn't there, the grade 7s won't make up enough of the difference.

At best (or worst, depending), I'd call the decision to put the grade 7 parts in the cartel shop pay-to-shortcut, not pay-to-win.
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