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12.12.2012 , 10:20 PM | #25
Not going to bother with quotes throughout this so just bear with me. It's been a long day.

1) Original post stated that you do in fact gain more avoidance by raising your defense, I found the balance to be less than the 20% for personal build reasons, and outlined what I was seeing in my own experience.

2) The original rebuttal used numbers that were in point of fact a lie. Lies by their very nature mislead people. As this was a "Help me" thread, it was a stupid post. Clearly 15/60/60, would have less mitigation than 20/59/59. They however are not two sets with the same ability points. Thus misleading, and just a wrong statement in general.

3) Any build wherein you are around 15/60/60 plus or minus a few percent either way you are using the balanced defense build. My defense is a percent and a half lower because I carry 2.5k more health due to Kephess burst in NiM. However my build is still in the "Balanced" category. Balanced being "I didn't put mitigation before all else". Your posts argued against the balanced viewpoint, yet in your own raiding experience you use it. Slightly perplexing.

4) When you do minor tweaks to the balanced build, the differing results are in themselves, minor. Yay! Logic.

5) All the in depth analysis of Def vs S/A by percentages are off as well. No one is taking into account the 8% stack, or if you are using it the Proc relic the numbers narrow further. Strictly a logical observation, no need to get number heavy.

6) I reaffirm my statement that a balanced build that favours S/A over Defense stacking is a great playstyle and one that I've used effectively in the game. One that I would absolutely, and do recommend to Vanguards looking to progress through content.

If you cannot follow the above points and their supporting points I cannot help you, nor do I have the ability to convince you of any change in your opinion. I believe I hear drunk toddlers in a Dryer somewhere, I'll leave it at that.