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i guarantee you 100% that none of it happened in Ranked.

Ranked warzones are a melee smash derpfest. non-ranked wzs are marginally better, but over the last month or so the number of melee players in even non-ranked wzs is increasing.

the only people left playing mercs are the ones that have invested the most time. so its probably a safe bet to say the majority of mercs are at least above average skill level
ya I cant get into a rwz to save my life but thats sololy because I am dps and not healz.

And you are correct the only reason why I still focus on my merc is because he is EW. I rather not regrind to Warlord.

And that's my point I wonder if we would embarrass the lolsmashers and PT/VG even more if we played the same classes as them