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Quote: Originally Posted by Lintman
I'm thinking it's going to become a major stalemate in games where full teams that know what they are doing go up against each other. I mean with a perfectly balanced team on each side both teams are probably going to send 4 a side thus neither conceding either node, if the other team overloads one node then they'll get it but the team that splits 4 a side should be able to get their other node pretty easily, so 4 a side is going to be the safe play. So let's say both teams send 4 a side and they are both balanced teams it's going to be 1 tank 1 healer and two dps on each side, not a chance they are able to kill a good tank healer combo with just two dps and a tank hitting the healer.
I would say that sending all 8 to a side would be the safe play. Followed by a select team hopping on over to mid, since it's right there. Then, in the final minute of the round, send a suicide squad to take the other side's pylon as the other side scrambles to get out of the explosion.

The explosion is a trick. It is there to make bads abandon their pylon. Take advantage of it. There is no downside to dying in the explosion, and a potentially game winning cap to make.