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DId a few RWZ matches in it last night. I think its going to turn into another civil war for the most part. A little less delay tactics in mid though and a little more interference on the off node. Predictable and counter-able interference though. Overall I think it will be slightly better than CW in RWZs. In regs it will be almost as interesting as hutball, once people sort of get it.
I'm thinking it's going to become a major stalemate in games where full teams that know what they are doing go up against each other. I mean with a perfectly balanced team on each side both teams are probably going to send 4 a side thus neither conceding either node, if the other team overloads one node then they'll get it but the team that splits 4 a side should be able to get their other node pretty easily, so 4 a side is going to be the safe play. So let's say both teams send 4 a side and they are both balanced teams it's going to be 1 tank 1 healer and two dps on each side, not a chance they are able to kill a good tank healer combo with just two dps and a tank hitting the healer.

Now what can be used to counter this is to overload one side and only send a tank and a healer or just one tanksin to stall the other side but then it becomes a gamble of can your 6 kill their 4 faster then their 4 can kill your 2 I'd personally bet on the 4 tearing the two apart alot faster then the 6 killing the 4. So I don't think it'll be a good gamble to take.

Anyways it just seems this map would be more suited to more people since you'd be able to send more dps in and could focus down the healers faster to move things along.