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12.12.2012 , 09:18 PM | #521
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Is it wrong to think we are the best players in this game right now (those that can keep up with losmashers and PT/VG in damage and objective in warzones?) I mean, I know I normally come in top 3 in 90% of my Warzones. I am just curious what would happen if we decided to not be gods in this terrible class. I think we would crap on people on such a height they would think it was god sh*tting all over them.
Awesome, 90% huh. Prove that this all occured in 50+ ranked, and I'll acknowledge your superiority.

Because, to be honest, Ive yet to play a class that I couldnt consistently place in the top 3 in, on the nonranked lvl10-49 bracket that is.

Which is, for all intents and purposes, moot, given the subject at hand.