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12.12.2012 , 07:48 PM | #2
I'm completely willing to join any ranked team at any point. Win or lose, I just wanna get in there. While I'm working on WH gear atm, 1.6 made it so I should have a full set before the week is out.

I have a few folks I play with who I'm sure would be interested as well. Wessøn, Phamass, Serrainoa, Kahrin, and I (Archus) queue a lot together, and CJuice and Donna recently joined up with us. I'm hoping to start putting together some teams in the near future.

So... yeah. We're not the most well-known Pub PvPers, and if the goal is to put together "the perfect" pub rated team, I don't have any delusions of being on that list right now. But I just wanted to speak up here to get our names out there. Feel free to friend us and ask if you need players.
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