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12.12.2012 , 07:09 PM | #56
I finally got my sniper to 50 (Engineering) and have had a Sorc at 50 for a while now as my main. Sorc is 31 pt madness build, and I waffle back and forth on 7 points in corruption for 10% extra damage on DF or 7 points in Lightning for unlimited force basicly and 20% better static shields.

What I want to know is where this idea that Sorcs have utility comes from? I had to spec points into getting my whirlwind insta cast. In PvE whirlwind is way better than slice droid. But while slice droid doesn't work at all in PvP, Flashbang has the exact same mez time as whirlwind. Except it is insta cast in every spec without wasting spec points, oh and it affects up to 5 people.

I had to go up to 31 Madness to get creeping terror, but having that snare is so nice. In fact the only thing that could be better than having a 2 sec snare at the top of your tree, would be having a 5 second snare that breaks on damage after 2 seconds, like legshot. Which oh yeah, is free too for all trees.

Static barrier is way better than shield probe, but doesn't come close to balistic probe for my whole team. Specing into the other tree means giving up my root, but I could pick up a snare on overload. In fact it is the same root on a knockback that cover pulse gets for free again. And cover pulse doesn't seem to bug out and do nothing like overload does sometimes.

Deathmark making my DOT's tick harder is nice, except it affects less than half of them.

Force Storm may not have a CD, which some idiot seems to think makes sorcs better at AoE, but I don't know a single sorc who wouldn't trade Force Storm for Orbital Strike in a heartbeat.

Something like 60% of my sorcs damage comes from Force Lighting, which is channeled and every single class has an interupt that stops me from casting it, AND makes me not cast it for 4 seconds. And FL is a big flashing neon sign that points directly to me and says I'm the one hitting you, look I'm right here. Not like Ambush or something that by the time you see it, you're already missing a huge chunk of health. Plus I have to stand still and turret while casting FL, but i don't get anything cool like Cover and entrench. So even though I'm a ranged class, and hitting that mara from my max range, as soon as he sees the lighting point back at me, he jumps me and is now no longer at max range, but at melee range.

Literally the only thing that my sniper is jealous of my sorc is 10 meters on electrocute instead of 4 on debilitate. But since 95% of the time on both classes that I want to use my stun, I am either beyond 10 meters and want to stun him so I can finish him off; or inside melee range and want to stun him to run away. So there really is not much functional difference between debilitate and electrocute.

My Sorc starts with less DPS both sustained and especially burst. And in order to get some of the utility that my sniper gets for free, I have to give up extra DPS and spec into it? Poor poor design.