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A full set of upgrades can be had for about $2M credits on the GTN right now.

Wait a week and you can probably get them for under $1M credits.

The only people loosing out by this decision by Bioware is the greedy crafters who would prefer to corner the market early and charge you $5M per ships mod for a week and then whine about needing new recipes because they cannot make money anymore.
Got all mine for 100k each off the GTN think that is about 1 mil or a little over, not a big deal to me because the space side of this game is a mini game and the weekly takes longer than running the daily group finder for 5 BH coms. People ************ about this as P2W dont even do the space side of the game and only want to ***** to *****.

I would agree about P2W if it was PvP gear that was for sale on the Cartel Store or end game raiding gear, but over ship parts for space missons that will take an hour or more to complete once a week for 5 BH coms is just stupid.I do agree they should have been a schem for crafters.

But this is the way BW/EA wanted to do it and to me it is no big deal. It is space really are people that pissed off about space gear?