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I am simply attempting to find solutions to problems so we can all help to make this a better game. Coming into a forum and posting "this sucks" rarely achieves that goal. Therefore, in the spirit that Thelrage posted a few pages ago, I am hoping to get an honest dialogue and discussion going here so we can find some common ground and solutions to problems to achieve that goal.

Perhaps I read too much into your questions but they seemed on the verge of being insulting to anyone who has a competitive nature. Games and competition go hand-in-hand. I won't apologize for grinning when I get a really good piece of gear that few other players have when I got it through hard work. To then turn around and see the same piece of gear on someone whose entire skillset is swiping a credit card degrades the entire experience for me.

Aside from the color crystals, I had little problem with what they offerred in the 1.5 CM. But to offer the top-end parts is too far.
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