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Back during release I leveled to 50, cleared NM EV and KP and eventually quit when it became apparent that I'd be stuck repeating those two raids for quite some time.

I've since recently rejoined the game. The option for limited F2P has meant that several of my friends, a few who also previously subscribed, have started the game to give it a shot and while we're having fun leveling. I know as soon as I hit cap the same problem will happen again. That being a lack of sufficient content to keep us entertained.

So I had an idea.

Let us reset our Class Story so we can do it again without leveling a new character. You could think of it as a new game + mode even. Boost the instanced parts to 50 and let us repeat it as many times as we want and while it might take a bit of work, maybe change the quest rewards from their previous items to something in line with normal EV or KP. That way you hit two birds with one stone, people who like the story and actually enjoy replaying content get satisfied and people who want to raid have an easy (It's already incredibly easy but that's neither here or now) path to achieve it.

I can't speak for everyone but the reason TOR was a big deal for me in the leadup to release was the promise of that fourth pillar of story. The big disappointment for me was how the final act felt like it was setting the stage for an even bigger one only for it to fizzle out and leave us hanging.

Act 3, for all the classes, should have ended with a monumental endgame style encounter and a short series of epilogue quests (even just talking it over with your crew would've been nice). The duels against Thanaton, Baras and Tormen were all fine but as final bosses they left a bit to be desired. We're talking multi-stage fights with terrain flying left and right, all your class abilities being pushed to the limit and the sum of all your actions taking effect. Even without that, by being able to repeat the story quests would give many of us a significant chunk of content without radically increasing the teams workload and while I can't speak for everyone, I'm sure many others would thoroughly enjoy repeating the class story.

The other large problem, and probably the hardest one for either EA or Bioware to accept is oddly enough their attitude and it's something so ingrained into corporate culture that talking about it is probably pointless. That's the inability to own a mistake. No matter what choice you make, you'll still have idiots posting **** on forums all the time, either from genuine stupidity, not understanding the systems at play or in attempts to stir trouble. When you brush aside valid complaints, the issues that caused them don't suddenly go away and ignoring your own customers will only serve to engender resentment and disgust.

The singular truth is that everyone, no matter how rich, famous, skilled, talented or positioned they are is capable of mistakes and only by owning up to them, by admitting to and acknowledging them, are you capable of learning from them. Your customers can survive content delays, they can endure the failure of the fourth pillar in the final moments, the cause of their discontent, what they objected to, was their treatment in those early days.
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