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Thank you all for the responses. Let me copy over my questions from the previous post and ask them here (for anyone to chime in on):

Even if this gear is made available in the store, do you still not yet have the choice of how you wish to obtain it (via money, or via the traditional element of playing the required OP)?
Why should there be a need to "work" in a game - we work in real life, shouldn't we have more options available in a game to avoid "working" on a piece of content if we so choose?
If you do indeed have that choice, and you enjoy playing the game and playing the Operations, why then would the fact that the armor appears in the cash shop affect your feeling of accomplishment in that you completed the content and reaped the reward in the manner that you enjoyed the most?
Shouldn’t you be proud of your accomplishment regardless because you succeeded in performing it on your own terms?

If it is related to competition and Epeen, who then are you trying to impress?
If it the random stranger, again, why does what they think so important?
If it be the competition between like-minded individuals and groups, would it not then be logical to assume that you all would communicate your accomplishments with each other and thus be able to differentiate between those who performed the accomplishments and those who bought the end rewards?

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