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12.12.2012 , 05:50 PM | #10
I prefer this.Opressing force and polarity shift just seem like a waste. I'm sometimes moving around a few points so that I can take chain lightning and lightning storm. For my heal hybrid I'm putting my last heal point in Innervate, the rest goes into survivability in the lightning tree and the willpower boost from madness.
I'm not always topping the charts, itī's hard when you pug and your entire team gets destroyed, but I'm usually topping my team and the times I've been out dps/hps'ed by a fellow sage/sorc are few, it pretty much requires that I've been on guard duty for a couple of minutes. Had no problem with killing one of the best assassins on my server a couple of times, while single guarding, earlier today. Those were some fun fights since it was only the two of us. I will however not beat the best assassin on the server and it's going to be a stalemate against the best healers. I think the most important thing is to compare yourself to the people who are playing the same class as yourself. I can't compete with a really good mara if we're both zerging and getting healed.