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11-20 Buy your 20 set and put the rest to packs from the PVP vendor this will net you a lot of stims and adrenals that you can use or sell for 100K per stack of 99 vendoring the gear also earns some good extra pennys.

20-35 buy your entire 40 set so its in your bank waiting for you to get to 40.

35-40 cap to 2750 warzone comms buying packs when you hit cap back down to 2000 comms.

Ding 40 and be at 39 valor when you do equip your already bought 40 set, get to 40 valor, convert all 2750 banked comms to ranked comms.

40-50 ranked comms ranked comms and more ranked comms Idealy you want to be at 4500 ranked and 2750 warzone for when you ding 50 If you cant be then just be as many ranked as you can but you absolutely want to have 2750 normal for when you ding.

This allows for the following

3 pieces of war hero gear 2 can be converted to Elite War Hero I personally don't see the point in this as some of the stats are actually worse due to stat make up and even those that are right is just a 4% gain.

What I did despite the horrible conversion back is.

3 WH items with your normal comms, convert your ranked back to normal warzone for another 2 pieces this gives you 5 war hero pieces of 11 the very moment you hit 50.
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