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What? Revan had no hand in rebuilding the Order, he killed Malak, got basically banished from the Jedi Order by the council and then left with Canderous, after this, the Sith Triumvirate attacks the Jedi Order and becomes one of the best Jedi killing Sith organisations of all time, then the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik comes along and wipes out the Sith Triumvirate, at the same time she simultaneously trains six Jedi Padawans who become the Disciples of Surik and they rebuild the Jedi Order, the Exile laid the foundations and then her students rebuilt the structure.

Oh and by the way, Revan didn't have students as a Jedi.
I dont think he meant Revan rebuild the jedi order. I think he meant to type "her" students.
Funny you think he means that... The only meaning i can take from what he wrote was that meetra didnt rebuild the order, that she went after Revan her students later on then rebuild the jedi order. Mical/ visas etc.
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