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Unfortunately, to make star wars fit into the mold of a stereotypical "WoW-esque" MMO, they were forced to give classes the ability to heal, even early on, and use force lightning, etc. They also had to make non force users equal to force users in strength, otherwise no one would play them - I mean who would play commando, gunslinger, sniper, etc, if any Jedi or Sith could walk up and slice them in half instantly? That is how it would be in the real Star Wars world - no regular person, no matter how smart, strong, fast, etc, would be any match for a true jedi master or sith lord.

As for force powers and such... Luke, by the time he is getting well on in age, like in his 60s and 70s and beyond, is extremely powerful, but the whole code of the jedi is that they only use the force as a last resort, when it is needed. That is what being light side jedi is all about, heeding the will of the force, becoming an instrument for the force to flow through. Sith are hampered by their emotions. The force cannot flow through them as freely because of their emotions and the way they view the force - as a tool or weapon to be used to achieve whatever ends they desire.

As for the emperor destroying a whole world.. well, he is kind of an exception to the rules I guess. Don't know how else to quantify that.
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