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Transport shuttle, on route to Nar Shaddaa

Mean and Zero had managed to find a relatively empty part of the shuttle to sit in, meaning they could talk somewhat freely, so long as they were quiet. “Well, that was a bust” Mean commented

“Hmm? Not at all. We have more information then when we started. That was the objective.”

“We could have just sat in the bar and waited for them to show up.” Mean pointed out

Zero shook her head “No, then we would not have known what they look like. The transfer could have happened right in front of us and we may have missed it. Now, we know what to look for.”

“Whatever you say.” Mean pulled out a holopad and started messing around on it to waste time while they were in transit. Meanwhile, Zero pulled out a holopad of her pocket and started reviewing intel. In her head, she went over the call with keeper she had placed right before they left

Coruscant, earlier

“....And that is what we are doing now.” Zero said, finishing filling keeper in on recent events. Keeper was quiet a minute as he took the information in. Finally, he spoke “I see….there were three, you said?”

Zero nodded “Correct. Mean got a picture of one earlier, we forwarded it to you.”

Yes. We ran it, no match so far. We are stll having our underworld contacts try to work out who would take this kind of job. We will have them show the picure around, try to identfy the woman. We will keep you updated."
Zero nodded at all this “Understood”

“As for the other criminals, keep an eye out, they may turn up again. reguarding the man you said attacked them, I am afraid we have no information to give you. You two were the only agents intelligence deployed actively in the field for this mission. It is possible he is a rogue, a former agent perhaps. Do what must be done to get the holocron. Darth Jadus does not tolerate failure. Also, we feel you should know we have contacted an old asset to assist in this mission. Goes by the name “The Banshee.” We have used her in the past. She is an assassin by trade, and has been instructed to assist you if she runs into you. However….she has also been known to work for the republic in the past and her loyalties are…..suspect, at best. Do not hesitate to kill her if she becomes a liability. Understood, agents?”

“Understood, we will move now. Zero out.” Zero replied, and hung up Mean turned to her “Wonderful, now we have to deal with some random bounty hunter too? This job keeps getting better and better.”

Zero looked over at him, annoyed “Complaining about it is not going to help. Let’s go, we have a shuttle to catch” The two walked off to the shuttle

Transport shuttle, on route to Nar Shaddaa

Zero was still looking over the files on the two criminals. Not much here, sadly. Guess these two are rather low priority for intelligence. Still….that woman….one does not pick up skills like the kind she was showing during that walk casually.

“You really should take some time to let your head cool off, it is going to explode from overuse if you do nothing but think and plan” Mean commented

“Better to use it then let it go to waste, unlike some people”

Mean looked directly at her “In the time it takes you to make a plan of attack, I could usually storm in, grab or kill the target, and be back out getting drunk”

Zero rolled her eyes “Only that’s not how we work, and you know it”

“Yes, yes, I know” he rolled his eyes back “Seriously though, we have been partners for how many years now? I have never seen you try to have the slightest bit of fun on the job. For your sake, I –really- hope this is not how you act off the job too.”

Zero did not respond to that, only causing mean to go on “That’s it, when we get this job done, I am going to try to teach you how to have fun. You need it.”

Zero said blankly “Didn’t we try that before? If you definition of fun for me still includes the integration sessions you so enjoy, you can stop now. ”

Mean groaned “No, no, no, I mean go to the bar. Get drunk. Maybe get laid, I don’t know. That might help. Hell, just find a hobby. Something to get you to stop being so damn sour all the time. It’s getting on my nerves.”

“I am not here for your entertainment.”

“Damn it, that’s what I am talking about! You need to stop being so official and stop acting like miss imperial all the time. Seriously, it’s not good for your completion. You want to end up having wrinkles all over your face from stress when you get old? You have a good looking face; you don’t want to lose it.

Zero raised her eyebrow at him, not sure if he was joking or trying to hit on her in some indirect way. Mean waved his hand at her “Forget it, we will talk more when we get back” He picked back up his holopad and returned to what he was doing, Zero doing the same.