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Yes sir you nailed it.
All this kiddie EU and Cannon nonsense has perverted the true Star Wars universe. As I predicted, when all this first started, as George saw too, things would go sour with cartoons and stupid writers. He never accepted and or wanted the EU or Cannon.
Star Wars was Star Wars.
Episode 4, 5, & 6 and 1, 2, & 3.
As expected the EU started out mild and ok (even though I hate it), but pushed the "superhero" aspect on Force and Dark side users.

Yeah It has become "magic" and totally out of control. I truly believe the Force and or Dark side DOES have limitations and cannot be used to be "god" in that sense, as portrayed in the current EU.

I am an old school Star Wars fan I grew up with it. I was so happy George didn't go the route of Star Trek and make miniseries and crap TV shows about Star Wars early on. It preserved what the movies were and didn't pervert the universe. The cannon and EU did just that years later and is still doing it.

Really...A single being can crush a planet with the force ....BS. That is dumb. And like stated by someone else earlier. The force only works fully on the weak minded and un trained. AS in controlling their body, speech and such. Spewing lightening is a one or 2 off from force users in full force and isn't really a continual use ability. The main feature of a Jedi or Sith is their ability to use and wield a Saber in combat. Force push objects and people to gain an advantage.
Sometimes utilizing the force powers for an escape maneuver.
The whole perversion of the EU and Cannon is a disgrace to Star Wars and what it was.
To be fair, the EU isn't any worse than the prequels.
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