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That's one of the things I mentioned about some of these restrictions BW put in place for F2P players. As I said, they are kind of behind the 8 ball because the game wasn't designed to be F2P from the ground up and the meat of the game is the 1-49 content, which is kind of tough to gate without making a sub based model, which we already know failed.

I don't disagree with your assessment of an All-Access Pass. That is pretty much what we have with the "Freemium" model that SWTOR and other games are using. Perhaps this model will be the one that takes over the genre in the coming years with pure F2P games offering a Lifetime All-Access pass in their cash shop (similar to STO's and CO's Lifetime Subscriber offers).

Thelrage is correct in that the debate on what defines P2W is a pointless task (for the most part). Even if there were an official definition of the term, those who oppose the side where the definition falls would still disagree with it regardless, because in the end it all comes down to personal playstyle and feelings on what constitutes P2W, regardless of how it is defined. So what I want to try to do here (and am leading up to with my questions), is try to bring the community together to find some common ground on the topic. I want to try to meet in the middle and find a way where something can be implemented that may or may not fall under your feelings of P2W, but is tolerable enough not to be that much of an issue.

We already know that BW will listen to feedback on the F2P implementation, so letís see what we can come up with here that would be equitable for most if not all and present that to BW for consideration. My goal to have enough in the CM to make purchasing from it worthwhile and yet not let it feel like a sham or a cash grab for the subscribers.

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