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*Update got mine to work*

Foreword not for the feint of heart but here is how I finally got SW back up and running, retail DVD required (since I was not going to download the whole sodding game!) But the patching will be just under 3GB in total.

Step 1) Completely uninstall SW:ToR check and make sure all directories of SW is gone. This also includes c:\users\*user*\appdata\temp references to SW.

Step 2) reboot

Step 3) If you have access to a regersty cleaner run now, also chkdsk making sure everything is peachy.

step 4)Install SW using your DVDs make sure you select launch SW and deselect register SW account (you already have one) This will bring up the old launcher. Even though the launcher will quickly fade to black as it goes to update itself hurry and enter your username and password even though the background goes black you can still enter this information and log in before the patcher updates itself.

It will begin to downlading main assests 95 which will be 3 files assets_swtor_main_0to94.z01 (1.58gb) assets_swtor_main_0to94.z02 (741mb) next up will be and assets_swtor_en_us_0to96.z01 (289mb) a quick file was downled next followed by the retail client (approx 32mb).

Step 5) let the launcher do its thing accept the elua and enjoy.

Hopes this helps someone XD
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