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Well if you don't pvp you don't see the whole picture.

Dps commandos care about those attacks.

Assault is the pvp dps spec, therefore all dps commandos care about it.

I'm not saying gunnery is useless in pvp but I'd rather be tied up and beaten with a rubber hose than pvp with gunnery because it amounts to about the same thing when melee happens.

Just any kind of melee. Including the kind of melee that happens when an assault commando attacks a gunnery commando.

Of course some players use a blaster rifle for looks, works for a healer in pvp since you look like a vanguard until you green beam... worthless damage gimping as a dps in pvp and you'd get a clip round the ear for wasting time in endgame operations.
my commando has a valor rank of 70, so just because i don't pvp anymore doesn't mean i don't know what pvp is like for commandos.

look, i know you like assault, but i wasn't bad-mouthing it. i just made an offhand comment that was intended to be humorous (but i guess a lot gets lost in text sometimes), and now you're on your high horse quick to defend assault when i said already that i wasn't attacking it