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It just feels like there should be more people in it, the wide open spaces and the two main battle grounds on either side it just isn't filled by 8 people per team. I think this map would be a whole heck of alot more fun if there were more people, it would also feel a whole heck of a lot less barren.
This is the best WZ in my opinion:

1. it forces folks to do the objectives and punishes folks for death matching like in most other wz's
2. its anti AFK, you just cant take a node and sit there indef during the match.
3. it is much bigger which tends to be anti gank.
4. in my opinion and its just my opinion, it seems much harder for premades to steam roll pugs in that wz, premades need gang related kills and a mob mentality to function, due to the large size of AHG WZ its much harder for them to do that.

BW if you keep making more WZ's like this one you will certainly keep my sub. just tone down the CC's and fix the premade issue rolling pugs and add a cross server pvp que and most pvpers will be happy... well mostly happy / complain a tad less lol.
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