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Now you also present this subjective interpretation as being a fact! Nowhere does it say that Sidious didn't want to kill Yoda. Nowhere! It is your interpretation. Please be honest about that.

My interpretation? Not matter how much Sidious would enjoy to torture Yoda, he would never risk Yoda getting away if he had the chance to kill him. Therefore Sidious would strike immediately if he had the chance to kill Yoda.
Oh he wanted to kill Yoda, but not right away. As I have said before, Sidious wanted to make the small Jedi suffer. Throughout all works, we see Sidious call the Jedi arrogant. He was going to make Yoda suffer dearly for his arrogance and his foolishness. He was going to make his greatest enemy suffer. Such is the nature of the Sith. When an enemy has been a pest to your plans, a Sith will make them suffer for it. Had Yoda stayed, he would have died.
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