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So you agree that is your subjective interpretation. Great. Thanks.

So; you believe Sidious could have killed Yoda. I believe Sidious would have killed Yoda if he could, i.e. he couldn't.

This it were it stands and ends then; we have each our interpretation of Sidious.
At least know we are all being honest about it being interpretations.

And again; the part of your comment I have quoted; this is an example of your bad and dishonest habit; you write this as if it was fact, which it isn't. Don't put it out as if you know "how Sidious and likeminded thinks" more than the rest of us. It's comical.
It's called simple psychology. Any Sith would do it. And Sidious did, in fact, revel in his engagement with Yoda. He was laughing at Yoda's pathetic attempts to defeat him. He was enjoying himself. He had the most powerful Jedi in the palm of his hand. He needed to only close his hand to crush the small Jedi. But he didn't. He could have, but he decided to prolong the small Jedi's suffering.

The only one that can truly defeat Sidious is Luke Skywalker. Mace Windu beat him in a Lightsaber duel, but in an all out duel, Sidious could kill Windu with ease. Luke Skywalker is the only being to defeat Sidious at the height of his power. When Sidious had the full power of the Dark Side at his command. Yoda could only do so much.

It's time to face facts. Sidious could have killed Yoda with relative ease.
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