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Not at all, but when you state a common saying is not being correctly used when it is, I will advise you to go and look up it's definition, if Sidious was fighting a Yoda who was giving it his all and Sidious wasn't even trying, indeed even laughing at his opponent, he is clearly toying with the Grand Master.
How about addressing the point I've made several times now; Sidious would kill Yoda instead of toying with him. So yes, Palpatine did drive Yoda back. But that is not the same as him toying with him.
Part of Yoda's reason for withdrawing was probably also that he, in his wisdow, knew that this was not the day to try to destroy the Sith; if Yoda won, great. But if Yoda lost, all hope would be lost. By withdrawing, at least he would be able to regroup and eventually help Luke.

So, to get back to the issue of the thread, my opinion is that Yoda is practically unbeatable in a fight till death. Therefore, in a fight against, Caedus, Yoda would win.

You are entitled to disagree, but you don't have anything to refute my opinion with, except your own subjective opinion. Which is fine. But be honest about it being your opinion. Don't put it out as being facts.