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I agree that Sidious had been looking forward to have a chance fighting Yoda. Read my past comment.

Whas is your point with this comment?
The point?

Sidious had Yoda at his feet. The most powerful Sith Lord to ever live had the Grand Master of the Jedi Order right in front of him. Sidious could have killed him right where he stood. Why didn't he? One must understand the way Sidious, and like minded Sith, thinks. Sidious knew he was going to win, but he would prolong the Jedi's suffering just for his own amusement. He is clearly laughing during the battle. He wasn't even concerned. Yoda was a worthy opponent for anyone, except the Sith Lord.

Again. Yoda was going to lose. They both knew it. Yoda plainly states it in the novel.
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