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The items are :

- Alderan : MSSG (or whatever is called) grapling gun, from vendor.

- Corellia : museum crystal, near the zoo

- Fleet museum : blue crystal, you can get this ahead of time

There are web pages with write ups and exact locations of each item. You should have them all on you when the run begins to make things more efficient.

This local thread show the republic +10 info and has a link to the imp +10 info if you need it.

Alderan and Corellia info is same for both sides :

1. Hop on a starship and get yourself to Alderaan. Thatís where your quest will begin, and brother, prepare for a long one. Pick up an MGGS at a vendor in the Juran Mountains, which youíll stumble upon south of Kingís Pass. Head southeast in the Mountains until you find Outpost Talarn. Continue down the road south to find a vendor. His coordinates are X: 1885, Y: 204. Buy one MGGS, itíll cost you 10,000 credits.

2. Next stop; Corellia. Get yourself to Axial Park, to the coordinates X: 684, Y: 34 south of Coronet Zoo. Look for an open shipping crate tilted toward the wall. Take the crystal, and youíre off to the next stop.
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