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First off, the laughing like a mental patient thing, is George liking the classical evil madman thing. And it's Palpatine happy that he finally gets a chance to fight that little green pest that's annyoed him for the last ten years.

If Palpatine had been able to toy with Yoda, he would kill him instead of toying with him.

Once again again, I'm not saying Palpatine didn't drive Yoda back. I'm saying when some says "Palpatine was toying with Yoda" it is not true.
It is true. The duel as shown in the (G-Canon) ROTS novel takes place from Yoda's point of view. During the duel Yoda plainly states that the Shadow was far powerful than what he was facing. He was going to lose. They both knew it.

Sure, Sidious could have killed him. But Sidious is a devious, sadistic creature. He had the last of the Jedi before him. He relished facing the small Jedi in battle. He wanted to prolong the Grand Master's suffering.
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